Sharing reflections as I watch and see

This blog provides a space to share some thoughts about matters that are important to me. Too much of the time we joke and pass over ‘the important’ from an embarrassment about appearing too serious, too intellectual, too intense or – on the other hand – too trivial and idiosyncratic!

I am a believer in the ability of a small incident to throw light on wider issues. The small signs of the coming storm or the first signs of spring are easy to spot. But what of the less obvious signs? I will share my observations and welcome comments as to whether they do indeed betoken something or are merely transient.

Meeting people on a long train journey is always fascinating – one can laugh and talk and exchange a serendipity of wisdom that is precious and outside of one’s normal routine. It is one of my great pleasures. I hope this blog might invite virtual train journey companions to comment…

My quasi professional blog can be found on my personal website where I raise  “not-for-profit” organisational and social change issues for discussion. Come and meet me there too:


About veritytraveller

My professional personal website is This blog is a more personal set of reflections on life and art, art and life.
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